When I was 17, my dad was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. I witnessed his journey, and it changed me forever.

My grief experience led me straight into fitness.

My fitness journey started with yoga sculpt. Yoga sculpt is a fusion of yogic movement and endurance training, with just a touch of strength. It’s really a gateway into the worlds of power yoga and strength training. As I grieved, I wasn’t sure how to process the feelings, but I learned how to invoke them and move them via breath and physical movement. I learned I could move sadness and anger up and out of my body while doing jumping jacks. I could release confusion and loneliness with open mouth exhales. I could transform pain into power by taking classes consistently.

Yoga sculpt led me into yoga sculpt teacher training, which woke me up to a voice, confidence level, and natural skill set I never knew I had. This led me into power vinyasa yoga, which led into vinyasa yoga teacher training, which then led me into strength & conditioning, and high-intensity interval training.

Strength & conditioning is where I found my true passion. And where I became an athlete and a coach. As an athlete and coach, I’ve discovered ultimate joy and purpose. There’s nothing I love more than feeling like a superhero during and after a high-intensity workout. There’s nothing I love more than helping others achieve a higher level of strength, skill, and empowerment within their own bodies.

I’ve always been deeply intrigued by the mysteries of life, death, & spirituality.

I grew up in a traditional white Christian home. I accepted all that I was told as my truth. When I went to college, I had space from the home I grew up in and the people who had always directed and upheld my spiritual beliefs. I realized what I had been told was only a portion of the truth. And in fact some of what I had been told was not true at all.

My spiritual studies started with a theology minor. I was still exploring through the lens of Christianity, but this time it was from a more intellectual standpoint. It was from these studies that I was introduced to the concept of human potential.

My real study didn’t begin until after college. As my dad got sicker, it became clear that I needed some extra emotional support. I recruited healers. They introduced me to the ideas of Spirit Guides, the Higher Self, spiritual interconnectedness, past lives, a spiritual world that exists outside the confines of space and time, personal mission, personal responsibility, crystals, essential oils, and meditation.

During this time of my life, I also discovered acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. I became so intrigued that I enrolled in a graduate program to study in a formal setting. Although the study of Chinese Medicine has taught me a lot, becoming a practitioner of Chinese Medicine is not at all what I want to pursue in my career.

What I currently pursue is a career in leadership, through the realms of fitness, yoga, and spiritual teaching.

I am here to facilitate transformation.

Just as my Dad’s journey helped transform me into a better version of my truest self, my mission is to help you transform into better, stronger, more empowered versions of yourself. I am committed to doing this through 1:1 vision coaching, group fitness experiences, workshops, and sacred ceremony. You might turn around and do the same thing for someone else, and together, this is how we’ll build Heaven on Earth.